Most Famous Tik Tokers in the World 2020

Most Famous Tik Tokers

            In this modern era TikTok is the most downloaded app around the globe due to its short video sharing format (approx for 1B times, this app has been downloaded thru Google Play Store on Android Sys). Due to a tough lifestyle, folks don’t have much time to watch lengthy videos and can enjoy a … Read more

Top Indian TikTok Stars in 2020

Top Indian TikTok Stars

The name of the famous TikTok app was Musically in the beginning. TikTok or Musically though not famous in the start like other social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, etc. On the inauguration of Musically AKA TikTok the young performers became famous TikTok stars by creating good content. I want to cover the … Read more