Most Famous YouTubers of Pakistan

Famous YouTubers of Pakistan with Most Subscribers, Fan Club 2020

Most Famous YouTubers of Pakistan

Here we are going to talk about the most famous YouTubers of Pakistan with most subscribers and having big fan clubs on their YouTube channels. My concern is not about those YouTube channels which are working and presenting large media groups like ARY, Bol and Geo, etc but is about self-made Pakistani youngsters.

            These YouTubers have to make a really tough effort to create original and good content as per the demand of the folks living in Pakistan as well around the globe. YouTube is a big platform in the world where anybody can create his channel for free and can post videos related to any topic in which he has expertise. 

YouTube is not like TikTok, Likee, or other short video making platforms; here on YouTube original content matters due to its strong copyright policies. If you will make and upload a copy of already available data on YouTube than you may face copyright issues including copyright strikes by the content creators. By these means, your channel’s monetization and ranking may affect.

Let’s come to the topic and talk about top famous YouTubers of Pakistan.

Top 15 Famous YouTubers of Pakistan:

  • Amna (Kitchen with Amna, 3.46 M Fans)
  • Nadir Ali (P 4 Pakao, 3.16 M Fans)
  • Asad Memon (Food Fusion, 2.65 M Fans)
  • Mubashir Saddique (Village Food Secrets, 2.27 M Fans)
  • Qasim Ali Shah (Qasim Ali Shah, 2.17 M Fans)
  • Saad Ur Rehman (Ducky Bhai, 1.91 M Fans)
  • Asad Ali (Asad Ali TV, 1.87 M Fans)
  • Shahmeer Abbas (Shameer Abbas Official, 1.49 M Fans)
  • Zaryab Khan (XEETECHCARE, 1.45 M Fans)
  • Raza Samo (Khujlee Family, 1.32 M Fans)
  • Bilal Munir (VideoWaliSarkar, 1.21 M Fans)
  • Haris Awan (Haris Awan, 1.19 M Fans)
  • Faisal, Hammad, Kashan (The Idiotz, 1.07 M Fans)
  • Irfan Junejo (Irfan Junejo, 964K Fans)
  • Taimoor Salahuddin (aka Mooroo, 891K Fans)

1. Amna (Kitchen with Amna)

Amna- Famous YouTubers of Pakistan

            Amna is the most famous Pakistani Female YouTuber who has 3.46 Million fans on her YouTube Channel. She was on top of the search list in the year 2018. When she started her journey in this conservative society she was discouraged by the community.

But she struggled hard and became the first Pakistani female YouTuber who touched 1 Million subscribers in a very short time. She is running a cooking-related channel on YouTube by the name of “Kitchen with Amna”.

If you are interested in Continental, Pakistani, and Indian dishes then you must have to subscribe to her YouTube channel.

2. Nadir Ali (P 4 Pakao)

Nadir Ali (P 4 Pakao)

            Nadir Ali the incredible artist is the owner of “P 4 Pakao” the most viewed YouTube Channel in Pakistan has over 3.16 Million followers on her account. He was the first Pakistani who introduced Prank videos in this country. He is known as Prankster of Pakistan.

The funny guy often was beaten by the public during making videos to bring a smile at his viewers. Nadir Ali belongs to the city of lights Karachi. He was the first male Pakistani YouTuber who has over 3 Million subscribers on his account.

3. Asad Memon (Food Fusion)

Asad Memon (Food Fusion)

            Asad Memon belongs to Karachi and running his YouTube Channel “Food Fusion” with his beautiful wife. If you want to know how to cook; then you must have to join this channel.

Asad has dedicated team members expert in editing, mixing, and in other fields who provides assistance to make his videos watchable.

4. Mubashir Saddique (Village Food Secrets)

Mubashir Saddique (Village Food Secrets)

            Mubashir Saddique belongs to a small village of Sialkot and before starting his channel he was working in a football making company as production manager. Afterward, he moved to Malaysia to seek a suitable job and spent a part of his life there.

But he returned to Pakistan by leaving his job and started his YouTube Channel “Village Food Secrets”. He has 2.27 Million fans on his YouTube Channel. He makes videos related to cooking food in the desi style. Due to his unique style of cooking, he is very famous around the globe.

5. Qasim Ali Shah (Qasim Ali Shah)

Qasim Ali Shah

            Sir Qasim Ali Shah is the well known motivational speaker and trainer from Pakistani. He was a brilliant student of BE but left this after one year because he thought this was not fit for him. Subsequently, he became the beacon in the life of youngsters and unenthusiastic peoples.

He is also running YouTube Chanel on his own name “Qasim Ali Shah” and has 2.17 Million followers on his account. You must have to subscribe to his channel to learn how to live.

6. Saad Ur Rehman (Ducky Bhai)

Saad Ur Rehman (Ducky Bhai)

            Ducky Bhai is the brand in memes world, I think the person who likes hilarious and comedy genre videos surely know about him. He was awarded PISA 2020 (the ceremony was held in Dubai) due to his extraordinary funny acting skills.

He is also a well-known gamer and plays online on YouTube with his friends. Currently, he is also taking a part to reopen PUBG in Pakistan with Waqar Zaka and other online gamers. He has 1.91 Million fans on his YouTube account.

7. Asad Ali (Asad Ali TV)

Asad Ali (Asad Ali TV)

            Asad Ali belongs to Faisalabad, Pakistan, and makes videos on the Tech genre. Asad is running his YouTube channel on his own name “Asad Ali TV” and has 1.87 Million followers on his account.

Some time ago he interviewed by the Pakistani Television PTV and he briefed the viewers about how to earn handsome money online.

8. Shahmeer Abbas (Shameer Abbas Official)

Shahmeer Abbas (Shameer Abbas Official)

            Shahmeer Abbas the Lahori Munda is a famous prankster of Pakistan and was in April 1999 in Lahore, Pakistan. He makes pranks, funny, and dancing videos. He is running his YouTube channel “Shahmeer Abbas Official” and has 1.49 Million subscribers on his account.

9. Zaryab Khan (XEETECHCARE)


            Zaryab Khan is just 24 Yrs old (approx) and belongs to Lahore, Pakistan. Zaryab gives reviews on mobile and technology.

He has to be the part of young technologists around the globe; who have achieved 1 Million subscribers milestone in a very short time.

10. Raza Samo (Khujlee Family)

Raza Samo (Khujlee Family)

            Raza Samo aka Awesamo Speaks is a tremendous comedian and has roasted many singers, Tik Tokers, Vloggers, and many other stars by his unique and awesome roasting style.

He was born in Larkana then moved to Islamabad for studies purpose but he didn’t complete his degree due to his passion for vlogging. Currently, he is living in Lahore. He has over 1.32 Million followers on his YouTube account.

11. Bilal Munir (VideoWaliSarkar)

Bilal Munir (VideoWaliSarkar)

            Whenever we want to purchase a new Mobile Phone usually we check its reviews on the “VideoWaliSarkar” YouTube channel. Bilal Munir is the young man who is running this channel.

He just 24 Yrs old and is living in Faisalabad. He is also managing his website related to e-commerce. He has 1.21 Million followers on his channel.

12. Haris Awan (Haris Awan)

Haris Awan (Haris Awan)

            Haris Awan started his YouTube channel on his own name inspired by an international YouTube Channel. He is famous due to make videos on social experiments. He touched the 400,000 fans goal in just one month. Currently, he has over 1.19 followers on his account.

13. Faisal, Hammad, Kashan (The Idiotz)

Faisal, Hammad, Kashan (The Idiotz)

            The Idiots (Faisal, Hammad, Kashan) is a famous comedy YouTube channel created by three energetic Pakistani youngsters. They are from Karachi and have 1.07 Million followers on their YouTube account.

They are famous due to making parody videos.

14. Irfan Junejo (Irfan Junejo)

Irfan Junejo (Irfan Junejo)

            Irfan Junejo is the most famous Pakistani YouTuber and one of my favorite Vlogger. He has made videos on reviews, traveling across Pakistan, and in other foreign countries. I am surprised to see this energetic YouTuber didn’t touch the line of 1 Million subscribers yet.

Hope he will achieve this in a very short time. Naran Guide is one of his outstanding Vlog to watch. He is a married guy and living in Karachi, Pakistan.

15. Taimoor Salahuddin (aka Mooroo)

Taimoor Salahuddin (aka Mooroo)

            Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo is a big name in music, direction, production, acting, and film editing. His channel (own his name) is a package of everything. You can find any of video according to your taste on his channel.

He is a legend on YouTube. He has over 891K fans on his YouTube channel.

The List of Fast Growing YouTubers in Pakstan

  • Sami, Rida, Ghzanfar & Moeen (Bekaar Films)
  • Asifa (Cooking with Asifa)
  • Nishoo Khan (Nishoo Khan)
  • Asim Ali Khokhar (How to Urdu)
  • Azad Chaiwala (Azad Chaiwala)
  • Ali Gul, Ali Ahsan (Mangobaaz)
  • Junaid Akram (Junaid Akram)
  • Sana Amin (Sana’s Bucket)
  • Danish Ali (Danish Ali)
  • Fatima Irfan (Glossips)
  • Umar Khan (Ukhano)

Hey guys, hopefully, I have covered about famous Pakistani YouTubers in detail here. They are the asset of Pakistan as they are making efforts day by day to provide what they have through this media.

In case you know extra details about above YouTubers so please don’t forget to inform me via your valuable comments. I will update accordingly. Thank You.

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